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Wake Up With Mike Trout's First Home Run Of 2017

The annual MVP debate gives me a headache, if we’re being honest. The whole “value” part of the award has been highjacked by the sabermetric geeks, so now it’s essentially just become the WAR award. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because I think the best player in the league should be recognized as such, and that’s exactly what Mike Trout is. That being said, there should just be a best player in the league award. If there were such a thing, then Trout wouldn’t just be the reigning winner of that award from last year — he’d have won the award in all five years that he’s been a full-time big leaguer. Anyway, long story short, one game in and he’s already doing that thing again where he’s the best player in baseball. Surprised? No? Me neither.