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Took Just 10 Hours For Award Winning Listeners To Hit The 50K JJ Watt Charity Fund Goal

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 3.25.48 PM

I’m actually kind of speechless. Nate broke the news live on the rundown and my reaction was probably extremely underwhelming because I was shocked at how fast this money was raised. Crazy Crazy Crazy to think in half a day 50k was raised for charity. That is the Barstool/AWL difference right there. Heart of a gold and always back us up. Sounds sappy but we love you guys.

Now the fun part. This is the moment PFT, Hank and I have been waiting for. Time to start preparing for the JJ Watt interview. We’re going to bring our A-Game, we’re going to ask him hard questions, and we’re going to hopefully get some good laughs. We’ll let everyone know the official date when we get everything coordinated. Thanks again. And if you didn’t have a chance to donate we’re going to keep the GoFundMe open and cut the check for the total amount wherever it lands. You can still donate HERE

Live Look at JJ


Extra big thanks to McAfee. He donated 3 grand to push it over 50k. I don’t know if he has endless money but man that’s a hell of a generous donation. Love that guy.