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Tom Brady Walks Into Fenway To A Hero's Welcome

Breaking news: it’s still great to be king.

I know that being rich and a celebrity comes with its hardships, all of which us commonfolk know nothing about, but I really can’t fathom how Tom Brady is ever sad. I can’t understand how he ever has a down day. You ever have one of those? Of course you have. Sitting around your house, in the dark and in your underwear, wondering if you’re doing the right thing with your life and if people really like you. Basically just having a conversation with yourself and trying to decide if you’re a piece of shit or not. Well, whenever Tom has one of those Tom-to-Tom talks, he’s got a pretty easy solution: walk outside. Walk anywhere and grown men will throw themselves at your feet, as if you’re Jesus Christ himself. Ride a donkey down Yawkey way and be praised as peasants wave palm leaves at you. It’s amazing. How can you ever feel down when you can just take a walk, not to clear your head, but to be worshiped? It’s the ultimate pick me up. Go get some fresh air and have strangers tell you how amazing you are.

PS – Gronk will also be part of the Opening Day ceremonies. I assume that means he’s going to be throwing a first pitch. Smh, more strain on that shoulder after last night’s WrestleMania debacle.