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Watching Chad Ochocinco's First Touchdown In The Mexican Football League Made Me Sad

Damn that was depressing. Not because Ochocinco is playing in a Mexican Football League with dozens and dozens of fans in attendance all in the name of a few pesos. But because that celebration was a D+ at best. Jumping into every one of your teammates’ arms is okay if you are some Joe Blow receiver just happy to make the team. I need some swagger with every Ochocinco TD. He is a Top 5 touchdown dancer in NFL history in both creativity and technique. Why the fuck is he muting it down in the Mexican league of all places? Especially when you consider that he has Mexican announcers calling his games. Energy through the goddamn roof. Anything less than Ochocinco wearing an American flag as a cape while giving everyone DX chops as fireworks go off like Kenny Powers is a huge disappointment for me and all the other Ochocinco die hards that loved him back when he was making Pro Bowls, dancing his dick off, treating fans to dinner, going to random peoples houses to play them in FIFA, and said the phrases Child Please and Kiss The Baby about a billion times.

It’s never easy to see your heroes fade away into the sunset.