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Playing Human Frogger In The Middle Of A Manhattan Street Is An Interesting Decision

I realize that simply by my appearance, I am clearly not someone that should be telling other people that best way to stay alive. But as someone that lived in the city for years, lollygagging through midtown and walking with traffic is definitely not the way to go about surviving another day. Just being near a crosswalk in the city puts you on the list of people that may get clipped by a taxi driver that thinks blinkers are optional and aggression is the key to success on the road. But strolling in the middle of a Manhattan street walking with traffic is like swimming with pirhanas. You are begging to be killed without actually pulling the trigger yourself. And you know what? I don’t blame this guy one bit. Most people in this city wouldn’t be all THAT upset if everything just ended in a flash, and they are in much better shape than him. Based on his stumbling and bumbling, he probably hasn’t lived his best life. And I imagine the only thing he has to offer for financial gain is his mouth and whatever’s in that white bag (most likely some old cheeseburgers). Keep doing you Human Frogger Man.