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South Carolina Wins The Championship, Darren Rovell Celebrates In Peak Rovell Fashion By Criticizing The Coach For Not Letting Her Players Market Their Brands On Twitter

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Actually I take that back, I don’t think this is peak Rovell, because I don’t think there IS a peak Rovell.  I don’t think there is any cap or ceiling or apex on what Rovell is capable of on Twitter.  Any time you think he does the most Rovell thing ever he comes right back and does something even more Rovellish.   Having 1/2 of your congratulations to the women’s hoops champions be a criticism about the coach’s stance on players marketing themselves is so, so Rovell that you have no choice but to respect his dedication to his own brand.  A late night-stretching-into-the-early-morning Twitter argument with anyone who will listen about the importance of athlete branding on social media.   Love it, love Rovell, love everything about this.  Never change Darren, never ever change.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 11.09.21 AM

Oh yeah PS, congrats South Carolina!