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MASSIVE Explosion At A French Carnival Is Scary As Shit

The Sun- FIVE people were rushed to hospital – including one child – and dozens more were injured when a fireworks display exploded into the crowd at a carnival near Paris today. Dramatic footage appears to show a huge fireball sparking terror among the watching crowd, injuring children as young as two. The horrific accident happened in Villepinte, in the French capital’s northern suburbs, where children when a wooden guy-style figure dubbed Mr Carnival went up in smoke. Dozens were injured, including 18 seriously including three children, with Paris fire brigade spokeswoman Nathalie Crespin saying many people suffered facial injuries. She said five had been hospitalised, including one child, but their lives were not in danger.

JESUS. I’m gonna hear those screams in my nightmares and now so will you. An absolute miracle nobody got killed by that. And since nobody got killed, how did they not know that was gonna happen? That pile of explosives was as big as a small house and people were still just like 14 feet away. Sitting on their blankets, smiling for ear to ear and enjoying a casual Paris evening. I don’t know exactly what the side of the explosives said but it had to say something like, “LOTS OF FUCKING EXPLOSIVES IN HERE” And I don’t wanna add insult to injury but common sense has to dawn on you at some point. Although when I was a kid me and my buddies tied a bunch of firecrackers together and almost blew our hands/heads off. We didn’t realize the wicks would burn faster when tied together. So I’m no stranger to having a blind spot when it comes to fireworks/explosive. The rule of thumb should probably be to take 50 more steps back than you think you need to.