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Should I Fuck These Shawarma Nachos? I Want To: Let's Dive Deeper


I was fucking around on twitter dot com yesterday afternoon. I was minding my own business and then I saw this glorious tweet enter my timeline.

I’m a bit of a volume tweeter so I just let my thoughts fly. My first thought when I saw those nachos was:

I stand by that. 12 Dollars for that quality of nachos is a steal in my opinion. I love nachos. I particularly love nachos that don’t get your hands all sorts of messy. Yuck! These nachos look manageable and like a culinary hybrid which I love. Maybe I’ll make these nachos on an edition of Cookin With Chaps. That way I get to eat these nachos, fuck these nachos, and not have to go to Detroit. No disrespect to Detroit or anyone who loves it.

Looks like one of my haters will be going down very soon. Night, John.

PS: we are in prime baseball park food announcement season. It’s sneaky one of the best parts of opening day.





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