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Slightly Cocky Move For Odubel Herrera To Bat Flip On Justin Verlander In Spring Training...On A Walk

Allllllrrrriiiiiggghhht, Odubel. Keep it in your pants, please. This isn’t Herrera’s first foray into the art of the bat flip. In fact, he has become a lot more comfortable with hiss tosses since he’s become a mainstay in the big leagues. Here he is tossing his stick into the 3rd row behind the dugout on a…foul ball.

I get Odubel is an All-Star, but maybe, just maybe don’t ruffle the feathers of a Cy Young winner in an exhibition game by launching your bat to the moon…ON A MOTHERFUCKING WALK. There’s simply no point. It’s awesome, yes, but it’s a matter of respect. And a safety issue. We don’t necessaraly need out starting CF on the DL all year cause everytime he cocks of the walk into the block he immediately gets chin music. Also, how is he going to outdo himself when a batflip is actually warranted on a game winning dinger? Carry his stick around the basepaths like Pedro Cerrano then release it with a Happy Gilmore-type swing once he crosses the plate. Well, maybe. That would be cool. But till then let’s keep the bat flips civil. Not just for the majors, but for the kids. Cause pretty soon young players all over the place are going to be sending their bats into orbit after hitting singles. Oh, wait, they already are.