Barstool Indy’s Newest Former Intern Barstool Ricardo (AKA Cervix Killer) Came In A Little Bit Too Hot With Intern Ria




So this was one of Barstool Indy’s newest interns.   A little midwest chivalry right in your eyeball.  But honestly this may be a tad bit too much even for Barstool. Granted I guess when you hire somebody who calls themselves the Cervix Killer, who wears a Cervix Killer tshirt to the interview, you get Cervix killer stuff. Classic mix up on our part. We thought it was a joke. It wasn’t. He goes around trying to kill Cervix’s. Maybe wait till the ink is dry on your paperwork though before you send Ria 1,000 tweets about murdering her cervix. Just a thought. Regardless Barstool Ricardo will be one of those inside jokes that live forever in Barstool lure. Another shooting star in the Barstool constellation. And yes this guy is fired. Who says we don’t have standards here at Barstool? Subtle sexual harassment is fine and dandy. Cervix killing in the DM’s though? Well that’s crossing the line.