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Vanessa From 'The Bachelor' Is Reportedly Struggling With Being Out Of The Spotlight While Nick Is On 'Dancing With The Stars'

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USM- For Vanessa Grimaldi, battling 29 beautiful Bachelor contestants for Nick Viall’s heart was the easy part. Since season 21 of the ABC dating hit ended, the Montreal native, 29, is “having a hard time” while fiancé Viall, 36, competes on Dancing With the Stars, a source close to the duo exclusively reveals in the latest issue of Us Weekly. Though special-needs teacher Grimaldi relocated from Canada to Los Angeles to be close to her love after he proposed with a 3.75-carat sparkler on the Bachelor’s season finale, “Nick rehearses a lot,” adds the friend. “They fight about it.” Another gripe: “Vanessa’s not used to the attention being mostly on Nick,” notes the source. “It’s taking a toll.”

WHAT?! WHAT?! What are we talking about here? We’re talking about people from The Bachelor. Not super famous people. Not super talented people. We’re talking about Vanessa and Nick V from The Bachelor who have relevant for maybe two months. The show ended like a week ago and she’s already pissed about not being in the spotlight. That’s shocking and not shocking at the same time. I’m a guy who loves the show and even I think that’s OUTRAGEOUS. Vanessa is acting like they’re the modern day Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Jockeying to be the most famous person in the room. This really just goes to show that Vanessa is absolutely in this for the fame. I know that’s probably obvious and blah blah blah but her storyline in the beginning was that she was the sweetheart. The one who could set Nick straight. Then I put my journalism hat on, found her IMDB page and exposed her. Little did we know that was the tip of the iceberg. Vanessa and Nick are gonna crash so hard and I can’t wait.