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Carey Price Instilled The Fear Of God Into A Kid Who Snatched A Puck Meant For Another Kid

Carey Price was a second away from hopping over those boards and mollwhopping that backwards hat kid. Just gave him the death stare of doom, like one your mom would give you when she found that bottle of Rikaloff in your room when you were 16.

Now, in the backwards hat kid’s defense, when a puck is in the air, all bets are off. It’s like when tshirts are flying into the crowd, all you want to do is get one of those damn tshirts. You know it’s not going to fit, you know you probably don’t even want it, but we are wired to dive over chairs, smashing people in the face, to get a 3 dollar tshirt. So when a puck is floating in the air, your gut instinct is to grab it. And to be honest, it’s not like this is an adult stealing from a kid. It’s two kids battling it out. I think I’ve actually convinced myself he did nothing wrong besides be bigger, stronger, and faster. And he still did the nice thing and gave it to the smaller kid. He should be rewarded for his kindness, not internet shamed for grabbing the puck.