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Bill O'Reilly Apologizes For Making Fun Of Black Congresswoman's Hair

So Bill O’Reilly said that about Congresswoman Maxine Waters. This is how she responded.

And Bill’s since apologized.

Let me just say — as a middle class white dude who likes golf — I never ever under any circumstances whatsoever would chirp a black woman’s hair. That’s psychotic. There’s legitimately nothing in the world I know less about. Could be a wig. Could natural. Could be some shit I’ve never even heard of. Even if it is a wig, wigs could be totally legit and fashionable for black women. I have no clue and would never ever wade into those waters. That’s how you get smacked upside the head. Crazy move.

Having said that, pretty spot on chirp from Billy O.


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I mean, kinda nailed it?