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Kid Is Fascinated When She Meets A Real-Life Robot (It's An Old Water Heater Cause Kids Are Idiots)

And people wonder why kids get kidnapped. Ummm maybe because they can’t tell the difference between a robot and an old water heater? That might be part of it. That little girl would have absolutely ran off with that robot/old water heater if given the chance. She thought that robot/old water cooler was the coolest thing in the world. It’s honestly amazing the human race ever got started in the first place. The fact that the first toddlers kept themselves alive is the biggest upset of all time. Because really think about it. If the first babies/toddlers ever had gotten distracted for even a millisecond, none of us ever exist. We’re all just nothingness. Like if any of those first kids had fallen off a cliff while chasing a colorful butterfly, we never get to eat waffles or get to go sledding or get George Carlin stand up specials. The earth would just be populated by animals and whatever the fuck else. That’s my takeaway from that little girl falling in love with a robot/old water heater.