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Kangaroo Bro'ing Up A Car Solidifies The Roo As The Hardo Of The Animal Kingdom

Link to video

Crikey! It’s marsupial day here on Barstool, apparantly. A kangaroo court, if you will. But any living creature who is willing to turn around to a car and give a “Come At Me Bro” is one to not trifle with, even though it would get demolished 100/100 times. This species is the Tex of the outback. Due for a W, but may indeed die trying first. The only thing more aggressive would’ve been if this guy galloped full speed into the car. Oh, wait, that already happened before.

The fact the kangaroo didn’t go straight through the windshield for a good ol’ fashioned Tommy Boy situation is outright amazing. That thing came charging in at full force like it was coked up on the kickoff team. Not to mention the Didgeridoo on this Aussie for leaving the car when he could get his head knocked clear off when that thing returns for the kill This should serve as a great reminder never to fuck with a kangaroo. These damn things are a lot bigger than you’d think. Just one shot from these bad boys would send you into a nap for months, as observed in this prize fight. Unless of course it has your dog in a chokehold. Then you do what you have to do, and by that I mean square up like it’s a bare knuckled boxing match and give it the ol’ right hook. Forever an A+ video.

PS – Forever an A+++++ video. Marsupial cunt.