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Pranksters Are Tricking Little Kids By Using Cute Cartoons To Disguise Horrific, Violent Scenes





Daily MailThousands of YouTube videos that contain violent and disturbing content are posing as cartoons.

Some of these videos can be watched through YouTube Kids – an automated app that is supposed to filter out inappropriate videos.

Many of the shocking clips look like normal children’s cartoons on YouTube’s homepage.

Just going to call a spade a spade here — this is hilarious. I don’t know why but when I read the headline on this story I laughed out loud. Just the thought of some malicious internet pranksters dedicating their time to tricking little kids into clicking on violent videos featuring their favorite cartoons is so absurd it’s hilarious. This line almost had me crying.

One clip depicts a dentist with a huge syringe pulling out popular cartoon character Peppa Pig’s teeth as she screams in distress.

Unreal. Pushing little kid’s most fear-triggering buttons with one of their beloved cartoons getting her teeth violently pulled out by the dentist. Classic. Really nothing children hate more than the dentist. Maybe finishing their vegetables or the dark but it’s close. I swear to god if you showed me a YouTube Kids video of Spongebob Squarepants being forced to choke on green beans and broccoli while going to bed at 9pm sharp on a school night I might die of laughter.

It’s all a little fucked up but you can’t choose what you laugh at. Great stuff from the prankster contingent on this one.