Robbie’s Top 20 WrestleMania Moments – 7. Macho Man And Miss Elizabeth Reunite


Sup yo? If you’re unaware, I’ve been doing a blog per day leading up to WrestleMania where I talk about my personal favorite 20 Mania moments of all time. Keep in mind I’m 18, so a lot of my picks will be on the more recent side.

7. Macho Man And Miss Elizabeth Reunite

In the late 80s and early 90s, one power couple ruled the world of professional wrestling. Macho Man Randy Savage, who every guy wanted to be, and Miss Elizabeth, who every guy wanted to be with. Elizabeth was the OG smokeshow. Ten outta ten outta ten.

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Randy Savage was kind of an ugly fuck but hey, he’s Macho Man, so they were perfect for each other. When the Mega Powers exploded all over her-THAT’S A BAD WAY TO PHRASE THAT, let’s rewind, when she Yoko Ono’d the fuck outta the Mega Powers, Savage foolishly turned heel and ditched her for Sensational Sherri. Elizabeth’s appearances on WWF television grew few and far between, and they were kinda strange. Like, her and Dusty Rhodes were a thing at WrestleMania 6 for some reason.

At WrestleMania 7, Macho Man was up against the Ultimate Warrior with his career on the line, and Miss Elizabeth was spotted in the crowd. With all the went through, she was still there to support Savage. After he lost, Sensational Sherri berated him and started assaulting him until Elizabeth jumped the barricade. The rest…is history.

Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth went on to kayfabe marry in the Summer of 1991, in one of the most romantic ceremonies of all time.