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This Front-Flipping Monster Truck Is The Most Impressive Thing I've Ever Seen

No hyperbole. No bullshit. No exaggeration. That’s the most impressive thing these two eyes have ever seen. It’s probably the most impressive thing I’ll ever seen. The birth of my fist son won’t make me weep with joy the way that front-slipping monster truck did. It came together so perfectly. Did he know he was gonna do that? Or did he just see an opportunity and literally put the pedal to the metal? I don’t think I want the answer. I wanna live in a world where the driver didn’t know he was gonna do that until he was already doing it. The most shocking part of the video might be how the crowd reacted. The fact that they were able to muster cheers after that is incredible. I assumed it would be stunned silence. You know in the movie ‘Semi-Pro’ when Jackie Moon and Coffee Black complete the first ever alley oop? And everyone is completely stunned into silence? That’s the reaction I anticipated from the monster truck audience. Instead, it was bedlam. What a moment in human history.