John Daly Doesn't Believe That The Rock Can Drive A Golf Ball 490 Yards

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 10.21.56 AM

And there it is. The man has spoken. The only man who should be allowed to speak on the subject (well, and my blog about it). If John Daly says The Rock can’t hit a golf ball 490 yards then The Rock can’t hit a golf ball 490 yards. It’s that simple. JD had the exact same reasoning that I did. If World Long Champions can’t hit a ball that far then there’s no way in hell Dwayne Johnson can. He certainly can’t hit it 490 yards straight. I’d believe it if The Rock doesn’t appear to work 23.5 hours a day. But, now that John Daly has slammed down his judge gavel, this matter is now closed until we get the two of them playing golf together and we really see if The Rock can hit a golf ball 490 yards. Case closed.

PS- “I don’t work out, I put out” continues to be pure gold