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Kristi Yamaguchi Tells Nancy Kerrigan To "Break A Leg" On Dancing With The Stars

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.02.59 AM

PHRASING!! There has gotta be a better way to say that, Kristi. I know its an expression but cmon now. I’m pretty sure when Nancy Kerrigan hears “break a leg” the only thing thats dancing is visions of Jeff Gillooly and that trailer park wildebeest Tonya Harding ending her career dancing in her head. Its like telling Jay Williams “Go out there and crush it like a Yamaha motorcycle into a streetlight!” Kevin Ware you’re gonna break through like a bone through the skin! Hey Joe Theismann, lets break the internet like your leg in 4 places when Lawrence Taylor rolled your body into a ball of flesh and shattered bones!

Theres just gotta be a better way, Kristi. Unless of course this is some more figure skater shade. Maybe Kristi Yamaguchi hates Nancy Kerrigan’s ass. Maybe shes doing it on purpose. Aint nothing as cutthroat as the world of female figure skating so maybe Yamaguchi is Team Tonya or something. Mean Girls to the max. Just a nasty tweet like “Hey Nancy have fun on Dancing With The Stars remember that time you had your career ruined by a lunatic who put a mafia style hit out on your knee cap??” Ruthless.

PS – Nancy Kerrigan one of the most under the radar smokes of all time. Such a minx. Still got it in her old age too. Would.