Pussification Of America's Homeowners Associations - Jose Canseco's HOA Won't Let Him Turn His House Into A Zoo






You know when bleeding heart liberals say stupid shit like If X law is passed, I’m moving to Canada. Or if Y person is elected I’m heading straight north. And you know they’re full of shit because nothing in their life will change because of a federal law. But this, this might be my “I’m moving to Canada” moment. Jose Canseco can’t have a zoo in his house? What? Since when did we become Fascist Germany? I mean don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to live with Goats, a dog is more than enough animal for me, but I’d at least like the right to make my apartment a zoo if I so choose. It’s the principal of it, because if this is where we’re headed then we’re all in big trouble. Absolute Bullshit.




I would love to see Jose and his girlfriend fuck, judge me or whatever, I’m just saying what I’m thinking here.


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