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Mexico Politely Requests That Spring Breakers Obey the Rules, Stay Safe and Keep the "Build That Wall" Chants to a Minimum

CancunA Mexican newspaper condemned American spring breakers who reportedly chanted “Build that wall!” during a family show on a tourist ship off Cancun.

In an editorial Friday, the Yucatan Times called the singing during a “Pirate Ship” attraction an act of “xenophobia and discrimination against Mexicans within their own country.” The newspaper added that the “racist hymn” wasn’t an isolated incident and that numerous complaints about spring breakers have been lodged by Mexican tourist industry workers. …

Mexican tourists aboard the ship reportedly complained about the singing, but the spring breakers did not stop.

I make it my policy not to burn a lot of calories worrying about what shitfaced, hormonal, half naked 20-year-olds chant when they’re vacationing in paradise in the most carefree, least responsible time in their lives. And, as a general rule, I tend to think that border security is pretty much the reason you have borders. That said, I don’t think that what the Yucatan Times is suggesting here is too big of an ask.

Think of it not so much as a rule or even a guideline. It’s more of an etiquette thing. Generally speaking, debates about national sovereignty have a time and a place. And the message kind of gets lost when it’s being delivered by shirtless bros in Ray Bans and teenaged coeds in between $20 shots of Patron. Not to mention, it’s pretty much their country. So not exactly the optimal place to remind them you want to build a $10 billion security system to keep them out of yours. It’s bad form.

I mean, we wouldn’t want a bunch of New Yorkers floating up the Charles on a Duckboat tour and getting an “18-1″ chant started, and it’s more or less the same thing. So for the rest of Spring Break, do try to stick to getting laid and girl fights and leave the diplomacy to the pros. Thanks.