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There's Now A Craft Beer That's Made From Sewage Water And It Was Only A Matter Of Time

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Daily Mail- A Southern California brewery has successfully tested a beer using treated sewage water. Stone Brewing, a large craft brewing operation headquartered in Escondido, presented its Full Circle Pale Ale to curious customers at an event Thursday in San Diego. The new ale is made using recycled, treated sewage water and is part of San Diego’s plan, ‘Pure Water San Diego,’ to get a third of its water from recycled sources by 2021. And the verdict for the brew, which some have dubbed ‘toilet to tap,’ seemed to be quite positive, SF Gate reported. San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer told the Times that the brew was ‘fantastic’ and added: ‘There’s no better way to highlight the purity of this water.’


Of course. Of course of course of course of course. It was only a matter of time before this happened. I feel like if I went through all my old blogs about craft beer that I 100% made a joke like, “What’s next? Are they gonna make a beer that’s flavored with poop?” and now they have. And of course it’s for the environment. Hipsters who love craft beer and hipsters who love to hug trees have been on a crash course since the beginning of time and now here we are. I also know for a fact that I’ve said I thought healthy people would be the first to take this step. Because as gullible craft beer drinkers are in terms of what people put in their product, healthy people are a billion times worse. It’s only a matter of time before there’s an article where people say eating your own shit is extremely healthy and health nuts will dive in teeth first. So I’m a tad surprised that craft beer makers took this step first but also not really. This just goes to show there’s nothing fancy smancy beer drinkers won’t do to be different. Why can’t we all just drink Bud Lights (#BudLightBusters) and not drink sewage water? Let’s do that.