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My Favorite Bet Of The Year Is Always On Christmas Day


Going to let you all in on a little Big Cat stocking stuffer. I think I’ve been making this bet for about a decade now. Every single Christmas you take the first 3 unders of the NBA games and you’re guaranteed at least 2-1 and usually 3-0. Players spent last night eating big meals, drinking, completely out of rhythm. Then this morning instead of shoot around and regular warm ups they’re opening presents and spending time with their family. Add in the fact that it isn’t normal for their internal clocks to be playing at 12 or 2 on a Wednesday afternoon and that no one wants to play on Christmas day and you have the lock of all locks. Under city.


Bulls/Nets Under 188

Thunder/Knicks Under 202

You can wait to bet the third in case we go 2-0 and want to quit but that game is at 2 pm local time in LA so it falls into my line of thinking.

Heat/Lakers Under 207



Oh and if you think this is purely anecdotal I went back all the way to 2006 and looked. Minus the lockout season where Christmas was also Opening Day the first three unders are 20-2. So yeah.