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Yasiel Puig Spikes His Bat After Striking Out, Gets Ejected, Waves Goodbye To The Umpire

If you’ve been following my Dodgers coverage this spring, then you already know that I’m all in on Yasiel Puig’s comeback in 2017. I think his demotion last year was his wakeup call. I think he’s here to fuck shit up this season.

So, an incident like this could be looked at one of two ways — the haters will say this is just another immature act on a long list of immature acts by Puig. But me? I see this as Puig being locked in and focused on performing in 2017, feeling like he got robbed of an at-bat and losing his shit on what he thought was a bad strike three call (it wasn’t).

I mean, if you’re a Dodgers fan that’s disappointed in Puig because of last year and this move in spring training also rubbed you the wrong way, you’ve gotta pick a side here. You can’t get on him for being complacent, and then also get on him for giving a shit. Either you’re in or you’re out on Puig, and I’m in.


PS — Adrian Gonzalez earned some points back with me after losing some points for complaining about the World Baseball Classic, and saying that he’ll never play in the tournament again and also discourage others from ever playing in it, too. But this move after the Puig ejection was great. It’s like back in middle school when your boy got kicked out of class and you can’t help but laugh while they’re packing up their agenda book and three-ring binders so they can go sit in front of the principle’s office. Too funny.