African Woman Kills Husband With Special "Love Potion" Because Their Sex Life Sucked

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New Vision – In a bizarre twist of events, a woman in Tororo district caused the death of her husband when she gave him a meal she had prepared together with a local herb she was convinced was a ‘love potion’. Mitchell Amwono thought her love life would automatically blossom after her husband takes the ‘love meal’, but she was shattered to see her plot take a fatal direction. Her husband, Davis Ekwau, 40, complained of severe abdominal pain after consuming just a small portion of the concocted meal. Unfortunately, the former resident of Angololo in Kwapa sub-county died on his way to hospital that fateful day. Now Amwono – his 30-year-old wife – and another woman, Hellen Akware, are under police custody for allegedly causing Ekwau’s death. The two were arrested when an aggrieved Awono attacked Akware at her home, accusing her of causing her husband’s death. She confessed to the police that she had indeed obtained the herbs from Akware, 30, who had convinced her it would make a successful ‘love cocktail’. “Akware convinced me to mix it for my husband in a meal, as it would enhance his love for me,” admitted the widow during investigations.



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