Woman Crashes Her Car Into A Gas Station, Does NOT Take Kindly To People Trying To Film Her

r/VideosWoman crashes her car into a gas station in NYC, proceeds to threaten and chase the man filming while he and a friend laugh their asses off

Okay in this woman’s defense you can’t be in a very good mood after you crash your car head first into a freaking gas station. Like your car is literally halfway inside the store. Front bumper resting up against the Bugles and Funyuns. That sucks and you’ve got enough to worry about like the points on your insurance and the police on their way – last thing you want to add to the mix is a couple of obnoxious dickheads waving their phones around at you filming and laughing. Car all fucked up and now your life about to be all fucked up when you go viral. So let’s just say I get the outburst. Can’t say I personally can relate because I’ve never driven a car into a gas station, I’m somewhat of an expert at hitting the brakes before I make contact with storefronts.  But as someone who is constantly having a video camera shoved in his face at inopportune times, I can.

Also going full speed ahead wanting to whoop some ass and not being able to catch a dude backpedaling and laughing in your face had to be the most frustrating thing of all time.


Hope you stuck around til the end. Her whipping the jacket off and pulling a walker out of the car to chase these dudes down with is an incredible climax.