Wikileaks Founder Julian Assange Tweets That Intelligence Community Is Plotting A Mike Pence White House Coup

A lot going on here from Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Mike Pence of course denied all of this but if you’re a conspiracy theorist you gotta be pumped right now. Your mind’s gotta be racing thinking about all the trippy Netflix documentaries undoubtedly coming out over the next several years that will fuck your mind into the next century. Hillary collaborating with the intelligence community to oust Trump? To elevate Mike Pence? Because he’s predictable therefore beatable? Juicy.

I’m not a big conspiracy guy but it’s very hard to imagine this isn’t going on on at least some level. Russia is unapologetically doing it (“doing it” = blatantly murdering people left and right). We’ve clearly done it (JFK, look it up). Hell even North Korea’s dabbling in the conspiracy/international assassination game these days.

So here we are with Donald Trump going apeshit over anything and everything, launching attack after attack on every intelligence community known to man… of course somebody somewhere’s plotting something. It may not be the top dogs; it may not be Mike Pence; it may not be Hillary Clinton; it may never see the light of day, but these intel folks are a prideful, egotistical, sneaky bunch. You come at them, of course they’re plotting something against The Donald. They’re the puppet masters — no one else.


We’ll believe this right now. Sure, why not? And Assange knows we will. Assange knows the buttons to push. Assange knows how to get the conspiracy cooks going in the kitchen.

Then again, it’s quite possible Assange isn’t thinking particularly clearly right now…