Big Cat On Fox's Good Day Chicago


Hair – 8. Used less gel this time, still had that you were drinking all day look but I think the only way to get that out is to not drink all day,


Hands – 7.5, I think next week I’m bring a football so I have something to keep my hands busy, maybe even receiver gloves?


Speaking – 6, in the words of Coach Trestman We’ll just throw this tape in the trash can.




Also, quick shout out to all the Stoolies that came out last night to Rebel. Packed house. Obviously wish the game had gone differently but we still had some fun. Met a bunch of you guys and we really do have the best readers on the internet. Regular guys that enjoy football, couple of beers, and the Bears tackling zero Eagles. Barstool isn’t like the other sites on the internet because we can do things like that. Pack a bar with a bunch of stoolies that just want to have a good time. So thanks again, it’s very much appreciated.