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The Dominican Republic Trailed 5-0 To The United States, Came All The Way Back To Win Thanks To 3 Homers

What a fucking game. I’ve been critical of the WBC because it’s difficult to get into it when the fans don’t seem to care. That’s been the case in some of these match-ups, but that was NOT the case tonight, or in any game that the Dominican Republic has played in. The atmosphere was electric ALL night long, and it only escalated as the comeback continued to mount against the United States. I mean, when’s the last time you’ve seen professional baseball players greet a guy at home plate for a home run that wasn’t a walk-off? Ever? I love it. I love the passion, I love the fire, and I love the heart that these teams have been playing with. Hard not to get sucked in if you’re a baseball fan when you’re watching the boys from the DR.