This Big Girl's Tinder Sales Pitch Shows She Totally Gets The Big Girl Value Proposition


Next week is the TWO YEAR anniversary of the Tinder roundup and seeing this screenshot reminded me of the one thing I enjoy the most about this blog: When people are just honest. Everyone on social media is always representing some falsified version of themselves, trying to look better or more successful or happier, and Tinder is no exception. So I love when you see a girl like this who just is what she is, doesn’t try to be something else, just a big girl with heavy hangers that’ll maybe make you a mean fried peanut butter and banana sandwich like Elvis after you drop a load. Be the best version of yourself, not someone else. And if you’re a big gal with DDs then ditching the Myspace photo angles and keeping it real is exactly what that is.

And once again we’re in the mix of another Tinder roundup. Expand your dating app content horizons with the latest episode of the internet’s favorite live dating show Swipe Drunk Love:

This week we had Young Pageviews and Erin Olash on to talk long distance relationships and it was interesting hearing their experiences along with working in our usual jokes and shit talk. The last month of episodes have all been a shitload of fun and entertaining, check our Soundcloud to catch up.

As always, thanks to the folks who send in screenshots, follow me on Twitter and Instagram to DM me yours, and now let’s get to the blog:


(via R)

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.18.09 PM

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I’m on Team Topanga here (via UF)


I believe at least the first half (via MDB)



The classic cheerleader/engineer combo, a tale as old as time (via GB)


I don’t know about you guys but it troubles me that someone out there has had and will continually have sex with this (via D)


Seems legit (via CR)


I’m not sure if I want that to be her real name or not (via KB)


This seems like a way to end up as part of a weird art experiment in my neighborhood in Brooklyn (via RA)


I honestly can’t believe that Lindsey Duke would be out there grinding on Bumble like an average human (via JC)


Also the title of the Lifetime movie based on today’s episode of Barstool Radio (via P)


Her dead doll eyes here did not do it for me…you may disagree (via C)


(via RZ)


Looking at her face, I’m confident she can back it up (via JJVB)



(via DG)


The Snapchat is a lie (via CM)


Not sure if it’s better or worse for a chick this hot to have Cocking as a last name (via BC)


(via GG)



This girl is a peak Swipe Right, Enjoy The Ride, Hope for the Best situation (via kT)


Shout to Robbie Fox getting back in the game fast now that he’s cumming all over again (via PR)

And onto the hot and NSFWish ones…


The day I don’t bring an 18-year-old #SpagsPromise to you right up front is the day I quit this Tinder blog game (via N)


Porn stars, spam, or real human with no shame…I’m still in (via S)


Mixed community college #SpagsPromises deserve blog time too (via CS)


Far away butt shots, then now forever (via ZR)


Biiiiig ol #SpagsPromise for you here (via C)


When you look like that…probably not (via AC)


Substantial areola and Asian on this #SpagsPromise, someone out there may have just gotten bingo (via J)


This may be an unfair assumption but I’d be willing to help her out if she needs a green card (via CC)


She seems like she’s on the right path to figuring it out (via EAN)


A girl that hot can do an Alphabits spelling of a normal girl name whenever she damn well pleases (via RN)


An Insta here would be appreciated guys, that’s all I’m saying. I don’t ask for much. (via R)



Here’s a question I’ve always had: Do you have a normal conversation with chicks like this or are they like offended if you don’t just cut to the chase? (via S)



Might be the hottest and least bashful all around profile I’ve had on here and a #SpagsPromise too? No better way to go out (via TG)

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