Today Is...Grudgement Day

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We have been at Barstool HQ for 6 months. Almost exactly to the day. 185 days to be precise. That means 185 days of people getting to know each other. 185 days of new hires. 185 days of disputes and fights bubbling. 185 days of make ups and break ups. 185 days of…GRUDGES.

Today is Grudgement Day. There’s something in the air. The place is at a fever pitch. Portnoy still hasnt yet arrived. The whole office is staring at the elevator waiting for him to show up and head to the studio to have a nuclear meltdown about his personal life. As we sit on pins and needles, Young Pageviews and Riggs are about to throw punches. YP was late to the office today, Riggs snitched on him on twitter, and now there’s a big war going on regarding whos the real snitch since YP is basically a professional snitch:

Of course the Spider Monkey is jumping in the mix:

Master Pot Stirrer Gaz just soaking it all in:

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 11.16.25 AM

Sales Guy Louis with so much spite towards Dave its oozing out of his pores:

unnamed (1)



Spags and Loud Sean are still basically plotting each other’s deaths and nobody has even mentioned them. We have a grudge match that got so heated people said they would fuck wives and step on children and that is like 4th on the list at the moment on Grudgement Day.

Oh and did I mention that we have 15 year old Sirius Steve in the building to meet his idol El Presidente:


Gonna learn a lot about life and love kid.

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