Julian Edelman Dumped Adriana Lima for the Best Possible Reason

Edelman Lima2

TMZIt’s not often people turn down a chance to knock up a supermodel … but NFL star Julian Edelman told Adriana Lima he’s not ready for more kids and that was one of the main reasons they split.

Multiple sources connected to both sides tell us … the couple broke things off a few weeks ago after months of casual dating.

Distance was definitely a factor — Lima lives in Miami, Julian lives in Boston and has a daughter in L.A. …

We’re told Edelman was taken by surprise by the baby talk — he didn’t think things were THAT serious. Lima was all about it and felt he could be “the one.”

You might hate the Patriots. You might be sick of hearing all the White Receiver cliches about scrappy, overachieving, tough competitors with high football IQs who just love to play the game. But no matter who you are, where you’re from or who’s jersey you wear, you’ve got to respect the fuck out of Julian Edelman’s move here.

Adriana Lima is one of the most perfect specimens 100,000 years of human female evolution has ever produced. Fact, not opinion. And she worships Julian Edelman. That catch he made in the Super Bowl turned her into a water park. She sat there in the postgame staring at him like it was all she could do to keep from giving him a Rusty Trombone right there in front of the world. If Minitron decided to plant his flag and claim her uterus as his own, he’d cement his place alongside Brady, Timberlake, Jeter and DiCaprio at the top of the Babehound Food Chain.

But ultimately, Edelman chose the life of a true Cocksman. A guy who can’t be pinned down. Who won’t sit there and watch an inhumanly sexy supermodel risk damaging her looks making his babies. He’s done the supermodel babymama thing already, and she’s a good enough sport to let him move on and live the life he wants. That of a loner. A ramblin’ man. Like so many great American icons. The cowboy who rides into town, fights off the bad guys, downs a bottle of whiskey, fucks the farmer’s daughter and then he’s gotta ride.

There aren’t many men that would make that choice. It takes the kind of balls and self-confidence the rest of us only wish we had in our wildest dreams. Edelman’s like the guy who quits the greatest job anyone could want because he’s going to gamble on himself. Not bad for a 7th round quarterback out of Kent State that nobody wanted. And by God, you’ve got to root for that. If there’s a better looking woman out there than Adriana Lima, now would be the right time to get ahold of Julian Edelman.

Holy moly.