In 24 Hours, Vince Young Starts a Real Estate Company Then Signs to Play in Canada


Well this is unexpected. One day you’re launching your own eponymous real estate business and the next your putting your name on the line which is dotted with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. I suppose I’d feel a little bad for the short white guys who signed on with him. These two Phil Dunphys who probably turned in their Century 21 gold jackets to come work with their Texas football hero, only to find he’s going to be under center again. And not just playing football, but playing in a far off wasteland filled with fur traders and maple-guzzling Zamboni drivers where he can’t help you run the business. But who knows? Maybe Vince Young told them exactly what they were getting into.

Regardless, this is a ballsy move by VY. And not exactly how we all drew it up when he was taken third in the draft behind Mario Williams and Reggie Bush. Coming off arguably the greatest single game performance in college football history (30-for-40 for 267 yards, with 200 rushing yards and 3 TDs) in arguably the best championship game ever played in any sport. And after winning the Offensive Rookie of the Year.

I was never a Young fan. I never bought the “all he does is win” stuff when he was throwing more picks than touchdowns (22-to-33 ratio his first three seasons), or ever thought the future of the QB position would be run-first guys like him, which I’ve been hearing my whole life. But nor did I think he’d wash out of football in 2011. Or ever imagine six years later he’d be walking away from a gig showing off master bedroom suites and talking up versatile, open floor plans to newlyweds in order to go throw footballs in the land of three downs and 20-yard end zones. Sure, I have my doubts. But if we’ve learned anything about Vince Young in the last dozen years it’s that nothing with him is ever conventional.