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John Daly Hung Out With Beef And Of Course They Talked About How To Pronounce "Arbys"

Name a more iconic duo. I’ll wait. Name a duo who can probably fart more in a 15-minute period. I’ll wait. That 49-seconds was exactly how I expected it to go between past cult hero John Daly and current cult hero Beef. Them just talking about how to pronounce a fast food chain with a Hooters cup filled to the absolute brim with booze. I like living in a world where these two are friends. I hope JD takes him under his wing and teaches him everything he knows about the world. Him waxing poetic and telling Beef not to make the same mistakes he did as a young man. OR encouraging him to make the exact same mistakes cause it’s fun as hell and then hoping in an Uber and heading to the nearest Hooters to cat call the waitresses. That’s probably more likely. Jason Day has Tiger Woods as a mentor and Beef has John Daly as a mentor. The world officially makes sense.