Congratulations To Me On Being Named Chief Of The Second-Largest Hospital In Cincinnati

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BizJournals- UC Health today named Richard Shumway as chief administrative officer and vice president of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, the top executive position at the system’s flagship hospital. Shumway, executive director of University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics since February 2016, will begin working at the UC Medical Center on May 1. “Rick is a proven leader in health care management and has a reputation for putting patients first,” said Pete Gilbert, UC Health’s chief operating officer and executive vice president. “We’re looking forward to working with him to continue to advance UC Medical Center and all of UC Health.” The UC Medical Center is now led by interim chief administrative officer Jennifer Jackson, who will return to her role as chief nursing officer and vice president of patient care services.

How about that! I’ve officially been promoted. I couldn’t be more excited to run the second-largest hospital in Cincinnati. So excited for the opportunity. Seriously though, of all the lookalikes I have in this world (and I have A TON), Richard Shumway is my actual twin. I wanna call my mom and ask her if she had two normal-sized babies instead of one giant baby. I am Richard Shumway. Richard Shumway is me. I honestly wanna switch jobs with him for one day and see who notices. I GUARANTEE Richard could strut into Barstool HQ, sit down at my desk, start blogging and nobody would bat an eye. We have 14,000 interns in here already. On the flip side, I wanna walk into the second-largest hospital in Cincinnati and start doing hospital chief stuff. They would probably notice right away cause people would start dying at an alarming rate but I’m pretty sure Richard could blog in NYC for a solid year before anyone noticed. Just have him tweet about The Bachelor every Monday and go on vacati…….work trips to TPC Sawgrass. No one would ever notice.