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7 Year Old Writes Letter To Bengals Punter Saying He Hopes Terence Garvin Loses His House And Has To Sleep In His Car For His Hit On Sunday Night

huber hit

Dear Kevin,

I hope you feel better soon. I am mad at the Steelers because you are my #1 player. I am 7 years old and love the Bengals and Bearcats. I know you played for the Bearcats and Bengals and I love the teams. I hope that Steeler player loses his house and has to live in his car.

Get well soon,

Nicholas Andrew Johnson.



Love the passion 7 year old Nick has here. Wishing someone loses their house and has to live in their car is grade A hate. That’s deep down shit you just don’t see from your regular 7 year old everyday. You can’t teach that type of passion and anger, you’re either born with it or you’re not, and that line alone makes me think we should hire him to run Barstool-Cincy. Also, Nick, if you wait a few years there is a 50/50 chance you get your wish.


Now as for the whole “my favorite player is a punter” thing, I’m just going to chalk that one up to bad parenting. Dad must not be a football fan Nick, that’s not your fault, someday you’ll wake up and realize punters are soccer players in pads and start getting boners for quarterbacks and wide receivers like the rest of us grown men that count other grown men as their personal heroes. Don’t worry, it’s totally normal and not weird at all.




I have to say, Kevin Huber has handled this entire thing really well. Cracking your spine and breaking your jaw only to make jokes the next day about it is a solid move.