Who Fell Harder: Dude Slipping On A Restaurant Counter Or Asian Girl Running And Looking At Her Phone Flying Down Some Stairs?

Nothing better than a quick video of someone busting ass and it just so happens that I stumbled upon two great ones today. So who ya got? Choice #1: Guy slipping on a restaurant counter after giving some impassioned speech

This fucking guy standing on top of a countertop lecturing at people about his botched order like he’s Cyrus in The Warriors only to end up eating it like Humpty Dumpty cracked me up. And while I had no clue what he was saying (something about Gucci Mane and Ninth Ward shit? Unclear what that means related to fast food sales), I was enraptured by his presence, might have run through a wall for that man or at least bought him a replacement chicken sandwich if it went on long enough. But the immense dignity loss from him eating it like that in the middle of some William Wallace speech rallying against the restaurant…you can see it as he tries to scramble to his feet afterwards, that’s a 100% dignity loss right there.

Choice #2: Asian girl runs while looking at phone, takes flight down some stairs

In terms of pure violence of the fall, I’d say Asian girl is a winner. That practically a ski jump fall for her all because she thought she could break out in a brisk jog while looking at her phone. And the phone just sitting there sadly on the floor, probably cracked in half, is such a cherry on top of the shit sundae. I definitely find this chick’s fall more relatable to my life than one standing atop a restaurant counter and lecturing people about Gucci Mane so that’s maybe worth a bonus point or two.

So which fall was worse? I’m going with Asian girl’s fall. Which was funnier? Probably counter guy, knowing how sad he must have walked out of there with everyone snickering under their breath after his big showing…hard to top. Embarrassing yourself like that for the joy of the internet, Gucci Mane must be so proud.