Bella Thorne Dressed Casually In Fishnets And a Purple Wig To Root On Chandler Parsons


Bella Thorne, my breakout star of 2016, isn’t taking 2017 off at all. Now if you follow her on Snapchat, you know she’s absolutely outside of her mind. Like batshit crazy. And she showed it off loud and proud last night as she casually dressed up to take in a basketball game to cheer on Chandler Parsons, of whom she has been tied to romantically. And by romantically I mean there’s probably very little romance involved at all. But she showed her love for her man anyway last night…in a very interesting, albeit hot, way


So casual


I mean can you imagine Bella giving you the fuck-me eyes as you run up and down the court with your number on her face? Definitely wasn’t the only thing of his that ended up on her face last night.




Quick mid-game bathroom selfie!



Wild, wild, wild.

What’s crazy is every last person on the court knew Chandler Parsons was wrecking her after the game. Can’t even chirp him when she shows up dressed like that. She’s there for one reason, and one reason only and it has very little to do with basketballs, unless they are on her face.