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This Dude Banging In A Mexican ATM Has A Weak Dick Game

I don’t make it a habit to judge the dick game of other grown men. I’ve never been a PornHub commenter, but I’ve seen a few in my day, and I’ve seen my share of people complaining about how the dude fucks and how hard he is. “Wuld b better if was harder!” they say, with a carefully typed sentence from their cummy hand. That’s not me, that’s not the world I live in.

But this right here? I’ve got no choice. The whole situation is out of my hands. I mean was this guy losing his virginity in a Mexican ATM? I’m not stud horse but he got two pumps in there and realized he was in way over his head before he finished the whole thing off with that big “I’m about to cum, so I’m as hard as I’m gonna be, so I’ll push as deep as I can so she remembers me bigger” thrust. It’s just a pathetic look, really. If you’re gonna take your fuck show on the road then you’ve gotta have a good act. It’s like some fat chick at the beach in a bikini: if you look like that, keep it in the privacy of your own home. If you fuck like this, only do it behind closed doors.