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YouTube Is Launching a $35/Month Streaming Service To Compete With Cable TV

Ohhhhh yes. This is good. If you’re like any normal person ever, you’re sick of paying a zillion dollars a month for cable just to watch 9 channels. Want to watch Comedy Central once a week for South Park? Well then you have to pay $10 a month and buy Bravo, HGTV, and the Oprah Network. Want to watch Garbage Time on FS1? Well then, that’s another $10 a month for the SEC Network, Outdoor World, and ESPN the Ocho.

YouTube TV (clever name) looks to be changing all of that. Looks like they’ll have the necessities. The major 4 networks, ESPN, and FXX. A couple news channels, the Golf Channel, and NBCSN for hockey.

Now obviously, $35 a month for like 40 channels seems kind of ridiculous. But it’s the future and I’m here for that. No cords, unlimited DVR, and you can watch it on 6 devices. This is what we want. I’m sure eventually you’ll be able to pick your channels, and maybe they’ll even bundle YouTube TV with the Internet (whatever happened to Google Fiber and when can I get it?) and they’ll take over the world.