Golden Voice Productions Presents: Fast Food Review #2: Grilled Stuft Nacho


The second episode from Golden Voice Productions is Taco Bell’s new grilled stuft nacho. I reviewed the Mcdonalds white cheddar jalapeno breakfast sandwich last month, and went to Taco Bell tonight.

As I did before, let me say a few things:

1) One day I’ll learn to hold my phone the other way when recording. That day wasn’t today, and it probably won’t be tomorrow, but one day, that day’ll come.

2) Beard is looking good huh? Bad lighting just holding back all it’s glory.

3) I think I want to give two scores for now on. One purely for taste, then one for overall product. So it was a 5.9 on taste, 7.9 after all other factors were considered.

4) Yes I finished that thing in the parking lot of the Taco Bell like a true American.