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Redskins Officially Tag Kirk, Guaranteeing Him 24 Million This Year

And there we go. It’s been a year in the making, but now Kirk is the 24 million dollar man. The Redskins chose not to sign him long term last season, and all Kirk did was come back with a 4900 yard, 29 TD season. I blogged yesterday about how much leverage Kirk had during this process, and how rich he is going to be, and he will now have made 44 million dollars over the last two seasons.

Not too bad.

And of course, he sent the most Kirk Cousins tweet about it

Yep, that’s a guy who knows that after this year he is signing a 100 million dollar deal with about 60 mil gtd, making his 3 year total at 100 million dollars straight into his pocket.

And what does the exclusive tag mean?

Of course the Skins can still trade him before July 15th, but Kirk can’t talk to other teams/no offer sheets.

So that’s good. Some stability at QB from a pretty good one coming into his prime. I’m glad he’s back, so now let’s see if they can get him signed long term.