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The Bears Wake Up On December 17th In First Place Of The NFC North


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Here's How Close The Lions Came To Winning


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4 simple words, Control your own destiny. The Redskins loss, kicking it on second down against the Vikings, running a draw on a 2 pt conversion against the Lions, shitting the bed against the Rams, none of that matters. The Bears officially control their own destiny to the playoffs. Win the next 2 games and it’s the 3 seed and a home playoff game come Wild Card Weekend. This season has been up, and down, and up, and down, and back up again, but the Bears are in a spot a lot of teams would kill for come mid December. So what now?


Well the first step is beat the Eagles and before that happens it is root for the Cowboys come Sunday. Why? Because if the Cowboys win the Eagles will have nothing to play for Sunday night. Chip Kelly came out and said yesterday he is not going to rest his starters in that scenario but I call bullshit. That’s straight up coach speech. You tell me if the Eagles game means nothing to the Eagle he will have Lesean McCoy in the game racking up carries and risking injury on every down? You’d have to be an absolute moron who doesn’t care about his job to have that happen. So that’s step 1.


Step 2 is beat the Packers. All I have heard from Packers fans this past week is that this is all setting up for Aaron Rodgers to walk into Soldier Field and kick our shit in. Now I’m not going to be an idiot and argue with past historical occurrences. The Packers have owned the Bears as of late, only a delusional moron would say otherwise. But if we’re stating obvious facts here it also warrants mentioning that the Bears offense is the best it has been in a long long time, if ever. Packers D and Bears D are equally inept. If you want to have a shootout, that’s fine, I’ll take my chances on a home shootout for a playoff berth. Also, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Steelers beat the Packers this Sunday, remember we talked about this.



And now to the last point. Everyone who is saying, who the fuck cares Big Cat, the Bears will lose in the first round anyway. You know what, that could very well be right. The Bears D isn’t set up for a January run but guess what, all you have to do is make the tournament. Make the tournament and anything can happen. Anyone who says it doesn’t matter is either a hater or not a real football fan. Winning the division is goal 1 on day 1 of training camp and if the Bears take care of the business ahead of them they complete that goal. Not a bad spot to sit in week 16.