Witness One Of The Most Electric Photo-Finishes In Track History



Never seen a race quite like that. Usain Bolt is hanging his head in shame. I mean that race had everything. First it was Dixon, and then Orville made a push, and then you thought Dixon might break his hip half way through, and then Orville kicked it into high gear and took the win at the very last second! That’s racing folks. That’s why you put in the time on the track. And that’s why we tune into our televisions to watch the M90 60m. It’s what we live for.

But now the 92 year old Dixon, he has to retire. Has to. It’s the end of the road when a young, spry 92 year old is getting punished by an old ass 99 year old. It doesn’t matter that it was a photo finish, you can’t lose to a 99 year old like that. It’s just one of the rules of racing. No false starts, stay in your lane, and you can’t lose to that old bag of bones. Orville legitimately flew the first airplane, you can’t get sonned like that.

The good news for the both of them is their electric photo finish is being shared by all of your great-aunts on Facebook:

Washington Post - Dixon Hemphill logged onto his Facebook account last week to find dozens of notifications. Some were comments from friends but many more were from users Hemphill didn’t recognize. They all wanted Hemphill to know that they were in awe of the viral video of his 60-meter race at the USA Track and Field masters indoor championships, where Hemphill, 92, was narrowly defeated by 99-year-old Orville Rogers by 0.05 seconds.

“I’m glad he won the race this time,” Hemphill, who lives in Fairfax Station, Va., said. “Because had I won it, it would’ve been not as much of a deal. That’s news, because he’s got seven years on me. He’s amazing.”

You’re glad he won? Bro, all your 92 year old grandpas at the home are laughing at you. They can’t believe someone born in 1842 beat you. If Dixon doesn’t win the rematch, it could be one of the all time worst track and field performances in recent history.