Josh Ho-Sang Is Getting His Chance To Bless The NHL

With the NHL trade deadline just hours away, Isles fans across the country state counties have had their attention fixed on Matt Duchene and the Brinks trucks it’ll take to rescue him from Colorado for the better part of two days. So in classic Garth Snow fashion, the reported Wizard/GM pulled the ol’ switcheroo by calling up the Islanders most talked about prospect in recent memory.


Ho-Sang’s journey to the NHL has been a whirlwind of emotions for both fans and himself alike. It’s clear the kid has talent, and a truck ton of it to boot. Hockey bloggers around the world [me] have likened him to the spawn of NHL hockey and And1 Basketball. The perfect mix of Anze Kopitar and Hot Sauce, Ho-Sizzle, if you will.


But with the immense amount of raw talent follows that black cloud of off-ice issues [hater’s words not mine] that Josh hasn’t been able to shake since his early days in juniors. From getting called out for his outspoken [again, the hater’s words] personality as a kid, to getting sent home for casually oversleeping his first day of camp, it’s clear Josh is no stranger to headlines. But being that it’s 2017 and facts don’t matter, I’m choosing to look past all that and focus on what does matter, which is that Ho-Sizzle is finally getting his shot in the show.

It sounds like the Islanders are still very much in the mix for Duchene but this Ho-Sang news is enough to hold Isles fans over for the day. With playoff contention back in the team’s grasp and #DucheneWatch2017 keeping Isles Twitter on edge, the extra dose of excitement that is Josh Ho-Sang getting thrown into the mix has me feeling all warm and fuzzy while I wait for the next domino to fall.