Floyd Mayweather Is Trying To Say A Fight Between Him And McGregor Would Be a Fair Fight

Biggest takeaways from this:

1) We already knew Floyd cannot read or write, but I didn’t realize he can’t speak either. Absolutely the biggest thing I took away from this is it’s like a chore for his brain try to produce words to come out of his mouth.

2) He did a great job trying to say a fight between him and Conor would be fair. He almost bought it himself. Another week of interviews and he might finally sound convincing. “The UFC gloves…is no different….than the boxing gloves” was like me saying “my dick….is no different….than Peter North’s”.

3) I actually do think he wants to do this fight. Seriously. Make a cool 100 million to fight a guy with 0 professional boxing matches? Why wouldn’t he want this? Even if he somehow, someway got caught with a McGregor punch and got knocked out, the storyline would be “it was a fluke, a once in a lifetime punch from McGregor”. And then Floyd would wake up in his 50 million dollar mansion the next morning and nobody would care…until he gets the 200 million dollar rematch.

Unfortunately this will this drag on forever and UFC will more than likely continue to hold the fight up from happening. I still think we see it one day, eventually, probably 2019.