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How Do We Feel About Players Getting Team Logo World Series Tattoos?

Cubs beat writer Carrie Muskat just tweeted out that Javier Baez has some new ink to commemorate the Cubs winning their first World Series title since 1908. As expected, all the tattoo experts came out of the woodwork to chime in with their thoughts.

And then my personal favorite — the crazy religious guy comparing getting a tattoo to killing somebody.

Most of the people that were talking shit were just ranting about the quality of the tattoo, which, it’s definitely not the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen. Not the best, either. But what about the people that were saying shit like, he’s not going to be on the Cubs forever, so it’s going to be awkward if and when he plays for anybody but the Cubs? I’m very strongly in the “Who the fuck cares?” camp on this one. He could play for 15 other teams for the rest of his career, and he’s always going to be remembered as one of the 25 players who ended the Cubs’ 108-year World Series drought.

That, and he’s obviously not the first player to do something like this. A couple recent examples — Salvador Perez got a tattoo after the Royals won the World Series in 2015:

And Jonny Gomes got a tattoo for the 2013 World Series champion Boston Red Sox:

And again for the Royals in 2015:

I guess it would be a little, tiny bit weird to have the Cubs logo tattooed on your arm if you’re one day playing for the Cardinals against the Cubs or something like that, but who cares? A.) You can’t even see it with a jersey on, and B.) It was a HUGE moment in his life, and it always will be. Although, it does kind of remind me of that Snickers commercial from back in the day.