Who Let The Dogs Out Taking You Into The Weekend

Sometimes it’s 70 degrees out in February and you just have to let the dogs out to celebrate. Sometimes all the sports teams in your city are trash and you just need to let the dogs out to forget about them. Sometimes you see your local grocery store is having a sale on Coke Zero so you know the Darty tomorrow is going to be extra lit, so you just have to let the dogs out to get yourself ready for it. Who, exactly, let the dogs out? Well that’s a question that we may never know the full answer to. With that being said, I’m forever grateful that they’ve been let out because the releasing of said dogs created one of the greatest songs this world will ever know. A song that is now just about 17 years old (let that sink in).

But yeah. A+ song through and through. Feel like it doesn’t get enough play these days so we should all do our part to change that. Need the radio stations to bring this one back. Have a great weekend, you guys. Darty hard.