Hey Remember That Tiger/Drone Video From Yesterday? Well Turns Out It Was Filmed At A Slaughter Farm So Womp Womp

NS- However, Motherboard reported that the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park is known as a slaughter farm that “specializes in contraband like tiger bone, meat, pelts, and a speciality called ‘bone wine’” and has previously landed in hot water for reportedly mistreating the animals. The video was trending at number 45 on YouTube, gaining more than 56,000 views since it was first posted. Siberian tigers are endangered due to poaching and habitat loss.

Not great, Bob! Here’s the beauty and the curse of the internet: I fully intended to ignore this story that came out today with the truth about the tigers. I didn’t know the truth yesterday when I blogged it initially, found out this morning and had an internal crisis. Do I go the “ignorance is bliss” route for the readers or do I maybe ruin their Friday morning with the truth? I decided to ruin your Friday morning cause it ruined mine. Here I thought we were watching a bunch of adorable tigers run around in a wide open space and take down a drone. NOPE. Not at all. Turns out that place is a super shady Tiger park that has a history of slaughtering tigers and turning them into bone wine. What the fuck is bone wine, you ask? I have no idea but apparently tiger bones make great bone wine. Again, you’ll depress the shit outta yourself if you find out every truth that the internet can provide you with. I kinda wanna go to this slaughter house and release all the tigers but I’m sure something else on the internet will distract me and in 15 minutes I’ll forget this story even happened.